1001 - Bonfire Night Rag/The Singing Magpies

David McTea

Who's this strange and lonesome man, wending his way down to the House of Lords for Bonfire Night? Why, it's old Guido Fawkes, but not the way you know him. He's back and he's raring to see the fireworks, but will he manage it or will his friends sell him short once again? Hear all about it in 'Bonfire Night Rag', the latest hit by David McTea, the singin' stummin' sensation hailing like a thundercloud from downtown North London. Flip it over for a b-side about two down-and-out magpies trying to make their way busking down Camden town. Did you ever hear of a stranger thing? "Here's two birds you just can't miss!" In both songs he accompanies himself on his guitar, played like you haven't heard since the '40s. Get down! Ask your vendor for a copy before it's too late.


Available on 7'' hand-stamped vinyl limited to 300 copies. Vinyl includes download code.

Recorded at Horacio Studios, London. Mixing at Gizzard Recording, London. Mastering at The Exchange, London. Pressed at The Phoenix of Vinyl, London.

1002 - Sonidos

Maggie Memphis y Las Hormigas Electricas

En las noches de rock and roll y luces, donde las chaquetas de cuero abundan, la pregunta surge: donde donde estarás? "Sonidos", un single con toques de blues rock y cortes de jazz.


Disponible en formato tarjeta cassette para descarga.

Producido en Estudios Casa de Ladrillo, Villa Alemana.

1003 - Rompe Tus Cadenas/Quisiera Ser

Guzman Blues Band

"Cuando te vi, yo me asuste..." Que habrán visto Guzman Blues Band para llevarse tal sorpresa? Rompe Tus Cadenas, una cancion empapada en rock n roll que lo hara bailar desde principio a fin. El lado B incluye Quisiera Ser.


Disponible en formato tarjeta cassette para descarga.

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en Algo Records, Santiago para Horacio Records.