David McTea

Purveyor of Fine Acoustic Blues,

Rare Ragtime and Exquisite Gospel

"The king of the sing-a-long"
"A one-man entertainment system"

David McTea is a singer and guitarist who has been nicknamed "The King of the sing-a-long" because of his lively performances. His songs, which aim to tell stories, take inspiration from ragtime, gospel and blues songs from the 1920s and 30s, but with a distinct London flavour. With songs like Bonfire Night Rag, The Singing Magpies, The Morning Werewolf, and On the Buses Rag, McTea captures snapshots of stories and experiences as quirky songs, to be celebrated and enjoyed live with the audience.

Bonfire Night Rag

by David McTea

Horacio Records HR 1001

Who's this strange and lonesome man, wending his way down to the House of Lords for Bonfire Night? Why, it's old Guido Fawkes, but not the way you know him. He's back and he's raring to see the fireworks, but will he manage it or will his friends sell him short once again? Hear all about it in 'Bonfire Night Rag', the latest hit by David McTea, the singin' stummin' sensation hailing like a thundercloud from downtown North London. Flip it over for a b-side about two down-and-out magpies trying to make their way busking down Camden town. Did you ever hear of a stranger thing? "Here's two birds you just can't miss!". Get down! Ask your vendor for a copy before it's too late.

Available on 7'' hand-stamped vinyl limited to 300 copies. Vinyl includes download code.

Find Mr McTea


Sunday Social at The Old Queen's Head

David McTea returns to The Old Queen's Head for an afternoon session at The Sunday Social, that will include McTea's newest composition "5318008 Boogie".

The Sunday Social is a monthly, free-entry event run by Famous Wolf, featuring 10 music acts from 2pm till midnight.

When: Sunday 3 Nov at 3pm.
Where: The Old Queen's Head, 44 Essex Rd, Islington, N1 8LN
Further info: www.famouswolf.co.uk


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